This is officially our first shot at night on our travels with our DSLR Canon Rebel T1I in Rotterdam, Netherlands: Erasmus Bridge.  Rotterdam is known for it’s architecture, and in only 2 days, we saw plenty of it!

Kubuswoningen (cube houses)

The cube houses in Rotterdam are quite a spectacle.  For a very modest fee, you can even tour one of the houses and see how people live in these unique structures.

Touring a cube house

Outside the Architecture Museum

Following the architecture museum, we made it to the Boijman Museum. The museum bolsters over 140,000 objects from the middle ages to the present.

Outside the Boijman Museum

The museums were great to see, but the city itself is an eyegasm.

The Netherlands is known for windmills. Even in the architecturally modern city of Rotterdam, we managed to find one in the midst of the city bustle.

Rotterdam isn’t one of the more popular Netherland destinations compared to Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Hague, but it is definitely worth the trip if you can make the time.  It will not be a true “dutch experience”, but the same can be argued about the previously mentioned cities.

Was anyone as excited as I to take their first DSLR pictures during a vacation?

A special thanks to Ashley and Matt, our Couchsurfing hosts for letting us stay for such a short while and capture these amazing memories. Richard also wanted to add that they are Canadian, and we gave them maple syrup as a gift. He thought it was hilarious.