After a night in sin city, it’s expected that you might want some food before going to bed. Although your hotel will likely have a 24 hour food option (ex: McDonald’s at Excalibur or amazing 24 hour dining room-service at Encore), here are some of my favorite late night options!  No, Denny’s is not on the list. While Denny’s might be a perfect stop after a high school dance or wedding, there are better 24 hour options in Vegas .


Earl of Sandwich. YUMMMMM

Because late night eating will almost always go by proximity, these great options are in alphabetical order. Go with what is close to you!  Waiting too long to satiate hunger – especially when it’s 5am – is never a good idea.   These options are also great for the morning/brunch/-after a late night out too!

Earl of Sandwich @Planet Hollywood or @Palms
$ – Budget Eating
Location: Both Planet Hollywood and the Palms
The Gist: This 24 hour sandwich stop is our quick, late night go-to if we are staying on that side of the strip. We have even gone before dinner just to have it ready for us in the room when we get back! The Planet Hollywood location is connected to the Miracle Mile shops and perfect for those staying at Elara (make use of that fridge!) or other nearby hotels.
Recommendations: I’m a fan of anything with bacon or avocado, but honestly you can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches. Tuna and the Full Montagu are definite favorites! I also highly recommend their tomato soup (with extra croutons on the side). Don’t let the lines discourage you. There will always be a line at Earl’s, but it moves quick.

$5.99 Steak and Eggs?!?!

$5.99 Steak and Eggs?!?!

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery off the strip
$ – Budget Eating
Location: Behind Bally’s. Shady side of Vegas. Okay, not really. Locals go here, and it’s only a block from the strip, but taxi it (Vegas blocks are definitely a hike when you’re tired). It will be worth it, and every taxi driver will know the place. To leave when you’re done, walk to a bigger casino or have the desk call you a taxi since taxis don’t come by the hotel too often.
The Gist:  This is a small Brewery AND Casino – because, why not? – and it has fantastic meat deals. People from all over will come to this hole-in-the-wall to get their 24 hour eating on, and locals frequent the place often.
Recommendations: They have a crazy steak deal! Get whatever deal they have going on. Baby back ribs, prime rib, steak — it’s always a ridiculous steal. $5.99 Steak and Eggs? Done. They have $2 for large beers, and they even make their own root beer. Your bill for a full course meal will likely end up less than any late-night munchies meal to your local fast-food joint. You’ll somehow actually think you owe them more money. If you want to give back the casino money, feel free to gamble when you’re done eating. They’re table minimums are also much lower than on the strip.

$$ – Moderate Pricing for a burger joint. Not your McDonald’s prices.
Location: On The Strip, across from Monte Carlo – between MGM Grand and Polo Towers
The Gist: Yes international visitors, of course we have a restaurant called Fatburger. #America. Okay, so Fatburger is a pretty prominent fast food chain, but this isn’t your usual Fatburger. There is a waitress and a bar, which contributes to the increase in prices along with it being 24 hours and at a prime location on the strip.
Recommendations: If it’s available, eat outside and people watch. Service will be mediocre, and burgers will be greasy. It is what it is. Accept it.  Stop by if you’re in need of 24 hour goodness near the MGM side of the strip, and you’ll be happy. Oh, — and fries, always fries.



Ginseng Korean BBQ II across from Monte Carlo
$$ – More Expensive than K-Town, but you pay for location
Location: Between Fatburger and Walgreens, hidden a bit back, on the Strip across from Monte Carlo – between MGM Grand and Polo Towers
The Gist: If you’re in the mood for some Korean BBQ in the middle of the night or as a hangover cure, this stop is in a prime location, despite being a bit hidden.
Recommendations: Come hungry! Call in advance to check wait or put your name down; they take reservations.  Also, definitely take a walk before going to bed or napping.  It will fill you up!


Late night dessert @ Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Lux Cafe @Venetian and @Palazzo (only Venetian is open 24 hours)
$$ – Moderate Pricing for a 24 hour eatery, great pricing for Venetian/Palazzo properties
Location: Both Venetian and Palazzo, Venetian is open 24 hours, Palazzo is open until 2am.
The Gist: One of the few fancier eateries for almost the same price as a Fatburger (strip location) combo. The 2 locations have slightly different menus, but both are great for the price.  Portions are large, and the food is delicious.  I’m fond of the location in Houston, which is probably why I love stopping by either one of these. Service might or might not come with a smile, but it’s a 24 hour joint. It’s hit or miss. Food is consistent though.
Recommendations: I’m not a fan or their Asian dishes, probably because it doesn’t have MSG (see Asian gastrogasm suggestion below). I usually stick to American/Italian.  Scrumptious.  After day party-ing at Lavo Brunch or a night at TAO, either of these locations make for a great late-night stop or brunch.

Hash House with the family means family-style eating! #sharingiscaring

Hash House with the family means family-style eating! #sharingiscaring

Hash House a Go-Go @Linq (formerly The Quad, formerly Imperial Palace)
$$ – Moderate Pricing, American (New)
Location: There are 3 locations in Vegas, but only the one at the Linq Hotel is open 24 hours. It’s also easily missed. Located on the 2nd floor, follow the signs or ask someone.
The Gist: Promoted as “Twisted Farm Food”, Hash House mixes up your traditional brunch foods.  Presentation is consistently on point and who doesn’t love a 24 hour brunch place?
Recommendations: They take reservations so make them as soon as you’re sure you are stopping by or call immediately after the club to put your name down!  Fried chicken and waffles are the most popular, with eggs Benny close behind.  Keep in mind that the portions are large, and you will want to share.  We almost always have food leftover.


Oyster Bar @ Palace Station Casino

Oyster Bar @Palace Station
$$ – Moderate pricing
Location: Palace Station Hotel, off the strip
The Gist: This small casino does not have much going for it, but Oyster Bar is where you’ll see the biggest crowd. This is the only location on the list that continues to have 4.5 stars on yelp – an impressive feat in itself with all the Debbie Downers in the world – with over 1000 reviews.
Recommendations: It is tiny – has fewer than 20 seats – and there will always be a line, but try to come on a weekday. Regardless, expect a wait. The food is delicious, but do not bother trying to come here with a large group.

Oyster Bar. It's worth it.

Oyster Bar. It’s worth it.

Vegas-y Colored Sugar

Vegas-y Colored Sugar

The Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge
$$ Moderate Pricing, American (Traditional)
Location: Across the street from the Riviera, North end of the strip….so there might be some working girls nearby, but there won’t be a herd of tourists!
The Gist: Denny’s, with significantly better food, larger portions, and a Vegas-Retro-throwback. If you are near the North end of the strip, it’s definitely worth cabbing over or driving over yourself on the way to old town Vegas.
Recommendations: Have fun with the oh-so Vegas sparkly sugar. Eat in the lounge area, check out the fire pit, and enjoy their delicious brunch food anytime of day. Also, you might want to share. Portions are massive.

5am struggles, with Pho Kim Long cravings.

5am struggles, with Pho Kim Long cravings.

Pho Kim Long (pronounced fa-kim-long, which always gets a junior high chuckle) in China Town
Location: China Town – 4029 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV
The Gist: The best thing during or after a late night is some MSG. No, really. I know Panda Express promotes that it doesn’t have any, which is all fine and dandy to be healthy and what not, but real Chinese/Vietnamese food has MSG, and it is ah-mazing. This 24 hour restaurant is always busy regardless of the time of day, and it’s because it is really good. Plain and simple. Living in LA, we have little Saigon, K-Town, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo all within a 30 mile radius. Still, Pho Kim Long has a few items that stand out, especially when it’s 4am. Call ahead, but the wait usually isn’t too long at all. Despite being in China Town, plenty of tourists without cars make their way out there. We have seen taxis regularly stopping by, even limos on some occasions.
Recommendations: I always order the Seafood Pan Fried Noodles, Crispy. It’s addicting — probably the MSG. Vietnamese Iced Coffee, fresh coconut, and fried squid are also regular orders.


Pho Kim Long

Find the vinyl records hallway to get to Secret Pizza.

Find the vinyl records hallway to get to Secret Pizza.

Secret Pizza @Cosmopolitan
$Budget-friendly, especially considering it’s in the Cosmopolitan
Location: Named secret pizza because there isn’t any sign and it is fairly hidden, this pizza parlor is the unassuming, unpretentious, tiny pizza parlor hidden in a swanky hotel: @Cosmopolitan. The secret: 3rd floor, down a hallway, across from STK, between Milo’s and Blue Ribbon Sushi. Find a hallway of vinyl records, and you’re there!
The Gist: Although technically not 24 hours, Secret Pizza is open most nights from 11am-5am, and it most definitely gets packed at late-night. It is NY Style pizza for a fairly reasonable price. It is a perfect grubbing option after clubbing at Marquee or if you are just a pizza lover.
Recommendations: It’s great NY style pizza; you can’t go wrong. Don’t ask where it is. Find it yourself. It’s on the 3rd floor, and it isn’t difficult. Don’t bother trying to find a sign though. You’ll figure it out. Oh and yay to free water! Also, there’s no seating.

Honorable Mentions
8414—> These are not open 24 hours, but they are open until 1am/2am, respectively, and make for great lunch/dinner stops as well. Also, if you’re an international tourist, they are definitely a must-do sometime during your trip if you won’t be going through California or New York.
In-N-Out 4888 Dean Martin Dr.
Shake Shack @NewYork NewYork

I would love to know your recommended late-night eateries! What did I miss?

Happy Vegas-ing!
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